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Welcome to SFPTotal Forum

Postby sfptotal » Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:42 am


This is a community, dedicated to the discussion and solution of problems compatibility optical transceivers with network equipment.

We have created this forum to bring together the experience and knowledge, which gotten in work with network equipment from different manufacturers, and also to provide all users a centralized platform for discussion of issues and problems that often arise from internet service providers, system integrators and network equipment vendors.

Here we discuss the programming problems of optical transceivers, tasks of multi-vendor compatibility and issues of the use devices for programming the optical transceiver of popular form factors.

Here you can learn how to solve transceivers problems with the help of the programming boards - SFPTotal.

Here you will find answers to the questions: how to reprogram modules, which are write-protected, how to create a vendor-compatible firmware, how to use the OEM transceivers in switches of popular brands, how to configure DDM and many-many others.

We hope that our forum will help you find answers and solve problems, and will also improve the ability of our products.

Join our community.

Best regards,
SFPTotal Team

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